An indexed-search function has been added for this site from the MENU page. *That means you don't really search this site in real time, you search an index of this site which was prepared previously*. From MENU, use "SEARCH" to find pages containing an item. Then on the older Netscape use "find" to locate that item on the page. Or, with Int Ex or newer Netscape, go to "edit", then "find".

FreeFind now offers reindexing every week. Mine is set to reindex every *Sunday* at 1 a.m. L.A. time. See the Links page for a link to FreeFind. Neat!

P.S. But, for example, my site should have been reindexed on Sat 2/20/99, but I didn't receive confirmation till Wed 2/24/99. So who knows when they do it.

7/7/99 - "What's new" works, but it only finds changed pages if I remember to change the FreeFind HTML date tag. It will not find NEW pages till I change the FreeFind date. I have already made changes but forgot to change the date. May 5 1999 is just the baseline date.

3/15/99 - The 3/14/99 spidering says it found 61 pages, but tripod says I have over 70 files so somebody isn't correct. Only a few of the 70 could be files to which I have not yet linked.

4/9/99 - For the last few weeks the spider counts pages?, over a hundred, so I can't compare the numbers.

5/99 - Changed the auto reindex to Sun.

They also provide site maps in three formats. I don't care for them, but they're available at
Search and Site Maps powered by FreeFind

*6/24/99 - FreeFind also provides a " What's New listing" to indicate changed pages, but it doesn't work cause Tripod doesn't provide standard "date last modified" information for my pages. To get around this I need to explicitly specify the last modified date in each file using the FreeFind HTML "New" tag. So I have to add the tags to each file, currently about 140, and then remember to change them.