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TV - Favorite Cooking Show Hosts. Here are some of the all-time-better cooking-show hosts on broadcast TV. They may replay some of the old shows or make new one, and some hosts are currently on the schedule. I'm just listing cuisines and different hosts, and I'll add more as I remember. The ? means I have to check the spelling of the name.

European: "Floyd on Fish?," "Floyd on France?," and perhaps others. I don't remember they ever used his last name, but don't miss the show. Delia Smith. Rick Stein. Jacques Pepin. Maybe, Pierre Franey who died in 1996. Maybe, Ann Willan.

Italian: David Ruggerio (NYC). Lidia Bastianich (Feledis's restaurant, NYC). Lorenza de' Medici who was hard to understand. Mary Ann Esposito.

American: Almost anything by the "CIA" (Culinary Institute of America), especially the early shows where each show covered a specific technique. James Beard did one of the first prime-time cooking show on TV around 1947. If you can find a show, please let me see it. Paul Prudhomme. 10/9/99 - maybe Todd English who may be more Italian.

Oriental: Martin Yan. Ken Hom. Thomas Robson. Maybe, Kenneth (H.C.) Lo who died in 1995. Maybe Roy Yamaguchi.

International: Bert Wolf, more into why rather than how. *See for lots of his recipes.

Indian: Madhur Jaffery. She may have done mid-eastern and/or north-African shows also.

Some sites:
"Entree to Asia" (with Thomas Robson). Funded by
"Great Food" with alternating hosts like Madhur Jaffrey (Indian), Ken Hom (Chinese), and Delia Smith (English).

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