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TV Cooking, Food, & Restaurant shows Here are some of the better cooking/food shows on broadcast TV. Expect schedule changes, so check the TV guides. Do a search for keywords like "cooking", "food", and "restaurants" from ClickTV above for a complete list of these shows. Several shows are also on at other times and days, and a search will find them. All shows are a one-half hour unless noted. The ++ marks my favorites.

FLASH - 10/8/00 - Several new cooking shows on PBS for the new fall season. Do a search for 'cooking" at ClickTV or whatever for the complete list. Several new hosts, and Burt Wolf returns.

Flash 4/7/99 - A new cooking series starts this Saturday on KCET channel 28 from 11 to 11:30 a.m., and it is called "Weir Cooking in the Wine Country." See today's Daily Breeze newspaper for the story on how they made the series.

Flash 3/13/99 - Watch out for these. "Tommy Tang's Modern Thai Cuisine" is on some weekdays on Ch 50 at 2:30 p.m. Some days, "At Home on the Range" could start at 11:20 p.m. Nick Stellino is on Tuesday 3/16/99 at 10 p.m. on Ch 50. Could be a fund drive.

Flash 3/10/99 - In todays L.A. Times food section, KCET channel 28 had an ad for their Sunday programs. On 3/14/99 they will have Nick Stellino's Dinner Party at 4:30 p.m. and Huell Howser's Moveable Feast at 6 p.m. This may be a fund drive but sounds like it will be worth watching or taping.

Flash: To find an index of all the cooking shows on PBS since April 1997, go to There may be other ways, but I clicked WHAT'S ON TV? (not SEARCH!), skip KEYWORDS, select Subject: HOW-TO/COOKING, pick a month, and search. It's a playland for PBS cooking fans.

------------- 1999 shows below ---------------

10 a.m., Ch 28, "California Heartland" (food). See Review page.
11 a.m., Ch 28, "The Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter" (new show).
11:30 a.m., Ch 28, "New Jewish Cuisine" (new show)
12:30 p.m., Ch 28, "Jacques Pepin's Kitchen: Encore with Claudine" (repeat?)
5 p.m., Ch 58, "Jewish Cooking in America with Joan Nathan".
5:30 p.m., Ch 58, "Justin Wilson's Easy Cookin'" (Cajun?) (new show?)
6 p.m., Ch 58, "Entree to Asia" ++ (with Thomas Robson). Funded by
7:30 p.m., Ch 24, "Let's Dine Out" (restaurants). See Review page.

9 a.m., Ch 4, "Travel Cafe". (restaurants/cooking)
6:50?-7:40? p.m., Ch 18, "Ryori No Tetsujin" (or Testujin) [that translates to Iron Chef]. Japanese cooking show. Could be anytime from about 6:30 p.m. to 8:22 p.m. See Review page.
8:22-8:28 p.m., Ch 18, "Kuishinbo Banzai". Japanese tasting show. See Review page.

Monday - Friday
11:30 p.m., Ch 50, "At Home on the Range" (cooking comedy).

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (some of)
Check TV guides for dates, 2:30 p.m., Ch 50, "Entree to Asia" ++ (with Thomas Robson). Funded by

11-noon, Ch 24, two good shows: "Jewish Cooking in America with Joan Nathan" and "Great Food" ++ with alternating hosts like Madhur Jaffrey (Indian), Ken Hom (Chinese), and Delia Smith (English).

7:30 p.m., Ch 24, "Let's Dine Out" (restaurants). See Review page.

Friday, 2/5/99
9:30 p.m., Ch 50, "Two Fat Ladies". A cooking show by English biker chicks. Last show soon?

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