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TV Flashes. The TV section will not be updated on a regular basis, unlike the radio section. Even the TV shows get preempted, moved, and deleted. Keep checking the TV guides. Some pages and comments are rather old and are just examples of what you can find when you do a search for yourself.

9/11/03 - The 2003/2004 TV Season is starting, without Buffy, and I probably won't watch much, but here are a few comments:

  • Christine Baranski, who I like from previous shows, is in the new "Happy Family" with John Larroquette, who can be ok. I almost tuned out in the first minute; it started so poorly. I did last the whole half hour, but I don't like Christine enough to watch this. She needs better stuff, and I seldom watch sitcoms, especially family sitcoms. Tuesday or Wednesday at 8:30p on NBC, after Whoopi, which I missed, almost on purpose.
  • Joely Fisher, who I recall was the best thing in some failed sitcom a few years back, which I seldom watched, except maybe for her, is in the new "Wild Card" on Lifeline, which I don't receive. Saturday at 9p.

    8/16/03 - Hope Davis: Woman of a dozen faces, someday I may write something, when I have time, cause I like her faces. Meanwhile, see the 8/10/03 Los Angeles Times, page E12, "Less is really more," which shows only a few of her faces. They also link to a 'scenes' which aren't free at I first saw her in a 2000 TV show called "Deadline" which only ran about three shows. For pics try,, and has many more.

    8/9/03 - "TELEVISION / HOWARD ROSENBERG: Howard Rosenberg, the Los Angeles Times' television critic, retires Aug. 8 after 25 years of prize-winning criticism, commentary and reporting for the newspaper." Says the LAT. Sorry, but I never read him; his first lines were never interesting. Anyway, you'll have to pay to read the Calendar section on the internet, starting about this week.

    7/14/03 - New TV show - Banzai. This was reviewed in yesterday's Daily News, but I can't find a link now. Also try Review said, "...parody of game shows designed to mock [Japanese] programs most of its viewers have not seen..." It was fun, once. It's Sunday, 8:30p, Ch 11 (Fox).

  • 7/15 - Today's LAT has, "Fox's new series "Banzai," a parody of Japanese game shows that drew flack even before its premiere Sunday, performed impressively with its target male audience. The series was the highest rated show among males during the 8:30 p.m. time period." And, "TELEVISION 'Banzai' a controversy by Fox. The caricatures in the new show would be less likely to offend if Asians weren't otherwise nearly invisible in prime time..." at No, Channel 18 on Sunday night is full of Asians.

    3/22/03 - "Top TV News on Iraq... Here is a link to some updated TV and media News from Iraq:

    Link: TV News Updates..."

    This is a note on my bb, thanks. I haven't had much time for TV lately.

    3/6/03 - "Top 100 TV Market listings.... Here's a killer resource I found on the web, it lists the Top TV markets, by DMA and station listing, affiliation, and links to the station:" L.A. is number 2.
    Tip from

    2/27/03 - "'Buffy' said to be ending; now, as for a spinoff ...

    Stick a stake in it: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is done.

    After seven years, the series will be over at the end of this season, said its star, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    " 'Buffy,' in this incarnation, is over," Gellar told Entertainment Weekly magazine for its March 7 issue. The series will wrap up with a five-part story, which will include the return of slayer and bad girl Faith and Buffy's first love, Angel.

    But the show may come back to life in some form: Its creator, Joss Whedon, is planning a spinoff that may include some "Buffy" cast members. It will be pitched first to UPN, "Buffy's" home for the last two seasons; for five seasons before that, it was on the WB."

  • From,0,4136363.story?coll=cl%2Dtvent. One of my favorite shows, and some is available on DVD. Also, the previews say Faith, another of my favorites, will be on 'Angel'.

    11/8/02 - How good or bad is local L.A. TV? How about "16th out of 17" at - "L.A. newscasts score low in a national study. Local stations' coverage puts the market 16th out of 17, with KCBS-TV faring the best of the big three."

    10/22/02 - L.A. County's stations. L.A. County revised their web site and now keeps their list of stations at

    10/17/02 - Birds of Prey. I watched the video this week and last while I read a book and listened to the KNX Drama Hour on the radio. I kept checking the screen and saw: women talking, more women talking, even more women talking, etc. Yes, there was some action and special effects but lots of talking. This is on TV on Wed at 9p; rather, try a radio show, "Have Gun, Will Travel," once a TV show, on the KNX Drama Hour, KNX 1070 AM, 9-10p. I haven't seen the "Twilight Zone" yet, about the only other show on at this time.

    10/8/02 - Bram and Alice, I saw the first show, better than I expected. I fact, I doubt if they can maintain this level of comedy and 'quality' through the season. But, I probably won't be watching.

    9/29/02 - TV tonight. Too many movies and new stuff tonight, but I plan to watch Alias at 9p (voted the best new show of 2001/2002 by me) and I'll try the new Boomtown at 10p.

    9/26/02 - PAX TV channel 30 could be off the air due to the fire. See comments at and following

    9/25/02 - Buffy's back. Some comments on last night's show below. Just an introduction, nothing real exciting yet. Minor bad guys, and who cares about the new, evil Sunnydale High School (SDHS)? See site on

  • Buffy - gets job at the new Sunnydale High School (SDHS). Mistaken for Dawn's mom. Teaches Dawn some slayer tricks.
  • Willow - in rehab with Giles.
  • Xander - new car, suit, construction job?
  • Dawn - first day in SDHS. New friends: girl (in black?) and guy (Hispanic?). Could be regulars?
  • Spike - lost his mind?
  • Anya - just chats with a friend; very minor part; no Xander contact?
  • Giles - helping Willow (in UK?)
  • the new Sunnydale High School (SDHS) - evil.
  • the new SDHS principal Robin Wood - unknown.
  • zombies - minor bad guys, not very evil.
  • Their review of the first show at

    9/23.2/02 - The Agency. What happened to Will Patton's love interest from last season? I'll miss her. What's her name?

    9/23.1/02 - Becker. Did you know the cafe owner is gone from the show? They wrote her out. Why watch? Well, she was about the weakest character. But, a new girl friends doesn't help a show much either. Now on Sunday nights.

    9/23/02 - Presidio Med, I wish them good luck, and I'd like to watch Dana Delany (from China Beach) and Blythe Danner (from movies) do their stuff, but I'm not going to watch a medical show to see them. But, good luck to them. Check them out under "Choose a CBS Show" at

    9/21/02 - New shows for the 2002/03 season. Here are some of the pilot shows I've seen. I don't usually watch most medical, law, comedy, or 'women's shows.' On the positive side, the series themselves are usually better then their pilots. Try the usual TV-show preview outlets like "TV Guide" for details.

  • John Doe - A stranger knows everything except his name and then solves a police crime. Interesting start but fizzles at the end as could the whole series.
  • Push, Nevada - An IRS agent and you search for missing money which you can keep. Rich in details, but I don't want to get locked into a season-long show.
  • Firefly - Sci-Fi, but maybe not for kids. Starts somewhat like 'Star Wars,' but doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
  • Fastlane - Someone compared this to "Miami Vice" of years ago, with the two undercover cops, but I just watched some of the video while I read a book and listened to the radio. Seems to lack the boats, 'talent,' and 'class' of the original.
  • The Twilight Zone - I missed this to try "Fastlane" cause the guide wasn't very positive. Actually, I tried to enjoy the original series, but most shows weren't very good. It was Rod that people remember and a few stars that got their starts on the original series.

    9/16/02 - The new TV season - also check yesterday's L.A. Times for new-season show info, like

    9/7.1/02 - For info on the new 2002/2003 TV shows, casts, and more, check TV Guide at

    9/7/02 - If you can't receive KVCR-TV channel 24, here's why from the radio section.

  • 9/7.1/02 - Hi-tech stuff in Robert Gonsett's newsletter at, #537, dated 9/6/02. This issue is about KVCR-TV's problem. They're an interesting PBS station with a restaurant review show, etc. - if you can receive them, and they may not be on any cable system. They have a site at and need help installing the a new klystron.

    9/4/02 - "Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar [Buffy] were married in a private ceremony in Jalisco, Mexico, on Sunday," says the LAT. It seems like just yesterday she was in high school, killing vampires, and doing other kid's stuff.

    8/31.1/02 - The new 2002/2003 TV season starts in September, 9/2002, but like the last season I don't plan to see much. And, I don't even try to VCR them; no time to watch the VCR either. Keep an eye open for new action shows.

    8/31/02 - The best TV show for the 2001/2002 season. I missed most of the season, but here are the contenders - mostly kick-butt, lady-lead show. Do a search on for other links; I just picked anything with pictures.

  • Sidney on "Alias." A new series this year. Saw a few.
  • Buffy on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." This year lost me. Only saw a few.
  • Max on "Dark Angel." This show is gone, but it gives her a chance to find a show that'll keep me awake.
  • Cordelia on "Angel." A light-weight butt-kicker, may be off the show, the link suggested. Did I even see a show this year? This year it may be on the same time as "Alias," bad news.

    The winner: Sidney on "Alias." But, I wish it was Buffy. For Sidney the link says, "SEASON 2 PREMIERE ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2002."

    6/3/02 - Evening news changes. See,1419,L-LATimes-TV-X!ArticleDetail-61624,00.html. Larry's tip

    5/22/02 - "Car chases revving up news network ratings, but at what cost?" See Another Larry tip.

    5/15/02 - M*A*S*H: 30th Anniversary Reunion Special, Friday 5/17/02, 8-10p, FOX chan 11. One of my favorite shows, and it holds up in reruns. Check for Marcia Strassman, one of my favorites, the first season only? and "Welcome Back Kotter." Where is she now?

    5/4/02 - Confused about who's number 1? Everybody was, but the new meaning is defined at Another Larry tip.

    5/2/02 - The 50 best TV shows ever? TV Guide thinks they have the list at Wish I had time for coments - but, of the first twenty only about four belong on that list.

    4/28/02 - KCAL fight night started its third season, or whatever, last night; starting with two strange matches and ending with a good one. They do have a history of good matches, with the lighter-weight classes, but last night two matches were strange. Its KCAL channel 9 starting about 8p and maybe repeated on Sunday afternoon. There's usually about one a month, in season, but the next is 6/29/2002. A radio station at 1020 AM carries the fight in Spanish.

    4/9.1/02 - Louis Rukeyser of "Wall Street Week" moves to CNBC, Friday at 8:30 pm starting 4/19. From Tip from RDN and others.

    4/9/02 - Los Angeles Times revises their TV guide. Their guide with the Sunday paper now has 24-hours of grids/charts/whatever they're called rather than text which is easier to use for me. Also, each day has a few highlights and there's a movie-comment section. Best of all, broadcast watchers see the real broadcast-channel numbers on the grids - much easier to use than the cable-channel numbers - which are always incorrect for someone. P.S. - I misplaced my original comments and the starting date - anyone see them? This all started about two or three weeks ago.

    4/5/02 - The end of 'every'-James-Bond-movie series. This series, mentioned in the 1/26/02 Flash and others, has ended. They did skip the one movie with the strange actor in which Bond's wife was killed - an ok book, but not much of a movie. LAT's,1419,L-LATimes-Search-X!ArticleDetail-54620,00.html says, "...ABC, which has been airing James Bond pictures in chronological order, has canceled the Saturday night offerings because of poor ratings, Variety reports. The leftovers may surface on the network this summer, after which broadcast rights go to Viacom's TNN, CBS and UPN..." Maybe the movies themselves didn't fail, maybe it was the stinking intro and the 'comedy' and stuff used to fill around the movies that people didn't like. Too bad. On the other hand, even I must admit the early movies look somewhat dated. How about that car chase in "Dr. No?" Added 4/9/02 - even the fill with the Bond girls (women now) didn't work - it was all hype and no content.

    3/3/02 - Me watch Letterman? No way! 'Nightline' and 'P.I.' I have watched and might again. But, Letterman and that type of show -- I can't imagine who watches or why, not me. P.S. - it's in the news that he could replace those shows.

    2/11/02 - Chinese New Year starts tonight when the moon goes new, but tomarrow is called the New Years' day. Seems like two or more groups will party over next weekend. Check the local and Asian papers for details. KSCI-TV channel 18 may carry something - check them at

    1/30.1/02 - "From Russia With Love," the next James Bond movie, was I recall one of the best. But, you'll also be watching another KABC promo and time filler. See following comments.

    1/30/02 - The "Dr. No" movie last week placed at a poor 81th position on the Nielsen list thanks to the 'comedy' they used to fill the three hours. I almost switched channels. They had come lame cast from some lame ABC show doing lame lines - it was bad, but that looks like their plan - promote some show and kill the movie. See the 1/26/02 Flash.

    1/27/02 - "Rose Red" by Stephen King starts tonight and will run for three nights. Sorry, I can't invest that much time, especially since I haven't enjoyed his previous, dull stuff.

    1/26/02 - Every James Bond 007 movie ever?, in sequence, starting tonight on KABC-TV, channel 7, from 8-11p. Starting with "Dr. No." The early one look dated but were the best and the only ones that even slightly followed the books. An idea - read the books, they're all short, well under about 200 pages as I recall.

    1/22/02 - "'Nightline' to Finally Air Congo Series. ABC's "Nightline" will try again, starting tonight, to air its weeklong series on the war in Congo; the series was preempted after one night because of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks." See yesterday's,1419,L-LATimes-Calendar-X!ArticleDetail-50472,00.html.

    1/19/02 - Low-cost digital TV in UK. "Affordable digital TV on the way." See,7493,635182,00.html.

    11/16/01 - New Iron Chef. "A Less Filling, Thrilling 'Iron Chef.' Rest assured, the campy original series from Japan is still on the Food Network, Fridays through Sundays. But, sadly, tonight's premiere of "Iron Chef USA" (9 p.m. UPN), set in Las Vegas, is a hollow shell of the cult classic." See LAT at,1419,L-LATimes-TV-X!ArticleDetail-46659,00.html and my comments on the Japanese show.

    11/2/01 - KSCI gets web site. KSCI Channel 18, about the best Asian (and other) channel in L.A., gets a web site at Schedule and languages at Do they stream?

    11/1/01 - "Politically Incorrect." "...Saturday will mark the premiere of "Cafe California" on KCET-TV [channel 28]. The 30-minute show, described as a "SoCal Latino 'Politically Incorrect,"' will air at 4:30 p.m..." says today's LAT.

    10/13/01 - Tour Sails Back to 'Gilligan's Island'. It's Sun 10/14/01 9 p.m. on CBS. See LAT at,1419,L-LATimes-TV-X!ArticleDetail-45158,00.html.

    9/8/01 - The new TV season starts soon, but this year you'll be on your own. I don't plan to have the time or desire to watch any TV this year. Do look for the syndicated action shows in late-night and weekend slots which are often interesting. Check PBS for specials. Nor have I recorded TV shows for many months - don't have the time to watch them either.

    8/24/01 - Ethel Merman. Since I don't have a theatre section --- Did anyone see the photo of Ethel Merman, singer, on page 8 of yesterday's LAT Calendar Weekend section? The tight, slightly see-thru dress made an attractive photo from 1934, at age 26, as she did Cole Porter's musical "Anything Goes" on Broadway. Anyway, the story is the return of "Kiss Me, Kate" on page 7, but I liked the photo.


    8/9/01 - Julia Child on Martha Steward. See today's LAT at,1419,L-LATimes-Calendar-X!ArticleDetail-40170,00.html.

    7/5/01 - Old Movies - Check KDOC Channel 56 for old movies back to the 30's and 40's at 3 a.m. It could be six nights a week except Sunday? 3 a.m. is why you have a VCR.

    5/14/01 - Suggestion to Anne Robinson: don't try to wink and smile at the same time. It just makes your face look real strange.

    5/12/01 - Some strange guy from some canceled show will star in the next "Star Trek" series. Too bad - it could be an instant flop.

    4/24/01 - One of Art Bell's guests said he'd have a topic on KPXN (PAX) chan 30 either this Fri or next. Try 8-9p "Encounters with the Unexplained," somethings about Mars, etc.

    4/22/01 - Did I read somewhere that KCET TV channel 28 would cut way back on their broadcast hours to save electricity??

    4/18/01 - Chef Harry is cooking again on PBS. Check schedules. I saw him on KOCE chan 50. Site at

    4/17/01 - "The Weakest Link" and Anne Robinson made their US TV bebut last night. It's a much faster show than 'Millionaire' which I don't watch. The airbrushed Anne with changed eye and hair colors, reported to be 56 (or 58), looked MUCH younger. She was naughty and rude and needs to be spanked. The line forms behind me.

    4/14/01 - "3rd Rock from the Sun" ends after six years with a one-hour finale on 5/22/01 on NBC. They'll return to their regular schedule till then on 4/17/01. I liked the original cast and story but the new characters like Jane Curtain (spell?) ruined it for me. Just the original four and the black girl (I'm bad with names) should start a new show.

    4/1/01 - The "Big Apple" after five weeks on CBS is gone. The show had a good cast but had the wrong people in the wrong spots and needs writers and a story.

    1/14/01 - This will be the last season for "Walker, Texas Ranger." Never one of my favorites, but you have to credit Chuck Norris - I understand he is almost 60 and still looks good.

    1/7/01 - Star Trek: Voyager's last show will be 5/23/01 on UPN per yesterday's LAT, page F2.

    12/12.1/00 - Did you like or miss the BBC's "1900 House?" It was reviewed in that section. Get ready for PBS's "Frontier House" due for 2002. It will put people in even more primitive housing conditions of the 1800's per today's LAT, F2.

    12/12/00 - "Freedom," not the worst action show ever, ends 1/12/01 per today's LAT, F2. Try a few Friday, 8 p.m., UPN.

    12/4/00 - It's the season for good music on TV. Over the weekend were Sarah Brightman, Charlotte Church, Elton John, and more. Tonight is Tina Turner. Check the guides especially PBS (channels 24, 28, 50, and 58 in L.A.).

    12/2/00 - Julia Child, COOKING, the best of is this Sunday, 12/3/00, 5-7? p.m. on KCET channel 28. It may be on other PBS stations also. This may be the first 'best of.'

    11/13/00 - I'm starting a new page called TV Women at tv/women.html. More at time allows.

    11/4/00 - Did I read in the last few days that Deadline was going away?? It's one of the better new dramas. Try to catch a few fast. However, I didn't care for last week's show that had him drinking.

    11/1/00 - Political shows - I won't list many, but try PBS/NPR show today 8-11 p.m. KCET & KVCR channels 24 & 28 and tomarrow 7-7:30 p.m. KCET chan 28 about the D.A. race. NPR show could be on radio also????

    10/31/00 - Steve Allen died yesterday. Big in TV, book, and song with a good wife: Jayne Meadows. It's in the 11/1? or 11/2? papers and on some sites. Try today's (or 10/30 update)

    10/24/00 - "MasterChef USA" try, like cheap version of "Iron Chef."

    10/16/00 - For some TV and/or L.A. news try by Ron Fineman. Works in radio but wants to write about TV.

    10/11.1/00 - New TV season - Check the Tip and Review pages for new-season comments. Look for 10/00 and newer dates. More as time allows

    10/11/00 - "The Immortal" - part 2, tonight, KNBC chan 4, 10 p.m. Part 1 was last night and was an interesting action show.

    10/8/00 - Try for info and site links for many old and new shows.

    9/14/00 - Did anyone hear 'The 1st. Annual Latin Grammy Awards' last night on CBS? The sound was so bad (low-fi, off key, flat, whatever) I tuned out after the first number. Even Gloria Estefan sounded flat.

    9/3.1/00 - "Inside China." Today's show was mostly food. Is the Cultural Revolution (as related to food) really over? Can one get good food in China? Damn, this stuff sure looked good! Sun, 5-5:30 a.m., KLCS, Channel 58. VCR a few.

    9/3/00 - "Travel Update." Newish travel show at Sun, KTTV, Channel 11, 6-6:30 a.m. mentioned Hong Kong.

    8/31/00 - Bish's "Joy of Music" is TBD, keep checking guides.

    6/27.1/00 - Bish's "Joy of Music" is now Monday, not Tuesday, at 9 a.m.

    6/27/00 - Some TV stations may start using '.tv' rather than '.com' in their URL's. '.tv' is the country code for some little, Pacific island - I'll try to find it.

    5/22/00 - Keep an eye on the UHF TV stations like KPXN channel 30 and KDOC channel 56. They're both trying to pump different (better?) shows into their prime-time schedule.

    5/17/00 - Yesterday's Press-Telegram, page C4, had the fall schedule for NBC and said others would announce in the next few days. Wish I had time for comments; like why do "Friends' get about $20 million a year for a show I don't and wouldn't watch??

    5/2/00 - 'Millionaire' on KABC-AM radio? It happened yesterday and may again cause KABC-TV is unavailable on Time Warner cable. Check for other shows also?? See today's LAT pages A1 and A2 for the story. Update - It's back on TV (for a while?), but I did hear it again on the radio.

    4/13/00 - Larry Linville, Maj. Frank Burns, on M*A*S*H died Monday at age 60. It was in the 4/11/00 Tuesday papers. He did the first five years on the show which they suggest was translated into 100 languages. Does anyone remember his nick-name on the show: 'something' face??

    4/6/00 - "Secret Agent Man" is on the bench for the season to give "The Beat" a stronger lead-in of two existing, comedy shows. Per yesterday's Press-Telegram. They're both bad shows; see my Review page for details.

    3/28/00 - Most of the computer shows on TV aren't very good. Perhaps the best is Digital Duo on PBS and is on a few times a week. One is Monday, 9-9:30 p.m., on KLCS channel 58, and check the guides for other spots. Web site is

    3/27.1/00 - The 3/26/00 LAT TV Times mag calls this the "first of two L.A.-based shows." It doesn't mention the other, but one is "Eye on the Town," starting Saturday, 9:30-10 p.m., KCBC channel 2. 4/6/00 - The "other" is another next Saturday.

    3/27/00 - For the last month or more, "Travel Cafe," a good food show, has been on Sunday with a half hour between 8-9 p.m. on KNBC channel 4. Last Sunday it was on a full hour. Some are repeats only if you've seen them. Keep an eye on the net TV guides.

    3/8/00 - See today's LAT, pages C8 and C1 about a group that plans to use the new digital TV for high-speed, wireless data downloads. It could be soon?

    2/6/00 - If you missed the live Chinese New Year's parade in L.A., someone will show it on TV: maybe 2/11 or 2/12, maybe KSCI, channel 18. Also, check for the lantern festival, about the same info.

    1/30/00 - "LA Weekly" reports Tony Burke, executive at KLCS channel 58, was for one reason, fired cause he tried to make the station look like KCET. That's about the only reason I watched it. See 1/28/00 issue, page 26 for the story. What will they NOT broadcast next, less coverage of the LAUSD mess????

    12/29/99 - Clayton Moore, The Lone Ranger on TV and the movies died yesterday at 85.

    12/18/99 - Fans of the old M*A*S*H (or MASH) series have seen the middle and late episoders rerun over the last 16 years, but the early episodes are seldom replayed. These shows contain slightly different characters, like a dentist and another doctor, and have slightly different plots. I've VCR'ed a few early shows on KTTV, channel 11, Tue-Sat, at 1:30 a.m. Check the TV listings for other options. No, I didn't like the movie, the TV series was much better. Who played the same character in the movie and in the series, and what was the nickname? *12/29/99 - now they mostly play middle shows.

    12/16/99 - Looks like Taliba Daily in 12/15.1/99 was slightly wrong. The 12/15/99 Los Angeles Asian Journal has a full-page ad with these corrections: there's also a show on 2/14/00 (Valentine's Day) and all shows run from 2:30-4:30 p.m. This paper is also in English. Check the TV listings for the most correct info.

    12/15.2/99 - Six hours of performing arts on KCET channel 28 - all kinds of ethnic and other stuff. It's on 12/25/99 3-5 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. and 12/26/99 9-11 a.m. See, under Holidays. Also live for free 12/25/99 with free parking; see site. Also free New Year's performances - working on details.

    12/15.1/99 - This is slightly wrong, see 12/16/99. Two Filipino entertainment shows on KSCI channel 18. It's on 12/24/99 3-5 p.m. and 12/31/99 2:30-4:30 p.m. per Taliba Daily 12/15/99. Doesn't mention language, but paper is English.

    12/15/99 - William F. Buckley, Jr., TV's longest-running host with 33 years on PBS, taped his last show 12/14/99. I might have agreed with some of his conservative views if I'd listened; his presentation kept me away.

    12/8/99 - Some new cooking shows on PBS, even one on bread. Try Caprial for the best smile on TV. An American Feast Sat at 1:30 p.m. on channel 58 has a bunch of the best cooking hosts.

    11/25 & 11/26/99 - Perry Mason all day on KDOC chan 56.

    11/14/99 - Relic Hunter (see review) moved to Sun, 4-5 p.m., chan 13, at least for today.

    11/7/99 - Sunday morning changes. Good for breakfast or with the paper. On KNBC channel 4: 9:30 a.m. Travel Cafe, 10 a.m. B.Smith with Style, and 10:30 a.m. Better Homes and Gardens. On KABC channel 7 at 11 a.m. is Vista L.A. There are fillers till the next sports season begins.

    10/7/99 - Check the new cooking shows, like with Channel 28 starts Sat from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., starting with Julia and Jacques. Then channel 58 runs more cooking shows from 1 to 3:30 p.m. That's nine show, just on mid-Saturday.

    9/16/99 - Two things in today's LAT Morning Report. About $940,000 is going into a plan to develep Latino TV. Wouldn't it be smarter use that money to teach everyone English? Also, George Takei from Star Trek wants "actors of color" to get more work. Isn't traditional theater dying in Japan? But maybe that's another issue.

    8/12/99 - Jennifer Paterson from the "Two Fat Ladies" cooking show died, and the cable's Food Network will show some of her shows. It's this Sunday, between 9 and 11 p.m. Check for details.

    7/30/99 - New Shows - Huell Howser does local, nighttime hangouts starting Sun at 7:30 p.m. thru 8/6/99 on ch 28 KCET-TV.

    7/13/99 - Better computer show called Digital Duo. It's on KCET, ch 28, Sunday, 10:30 to 11 a.m. Try

    6/18/99 - Search for Shows. Sample is en example of a search done on clicktv for cooking shows. I don't list them cause it's so easy for you to find them. Just sign up for (or whatever), it's free.

    5/22.1/99 - Check this and the following Saturday at 5:30 p.m. on channel 58 KLCS for "Hawaii Cooks." *Also, Bert Wolf, Sun night on KLCS ch 58 at 9:30 p.m*. Use clicktv to search for some new cooking shows such as "Cook-Off America" and "New Tastes From Texas" and some changes.

    4/27/99 - Check this Saturday at 6:00 p.m. on channel 58 KLCS for "Hawaii Cooks" with two Chinese chefs.

    4/27/99 - Local stations get nominations for Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards: KTTV Ch 11 gets 24, KCBS Ch 2 gets 22, KCOP Ch 13 gets 17, KCAL Ch 9 gets 13, and KTLA Ch 5 gets 11. How many did KNBC Ch 4 and KABC Ch 7 get? From 4/23/99 LAT, page F2.

    4/16/99 - Check out "Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions" starting Saturday, 11 a.m., on KCET, channel 28.

    4/7/99 - A new cooking series starts this Saturday on KCET channel 28 from 11 to 11:30 a.m., and it is called "Weir Cooking in the Wine Country." See today's Daily Breeze newspaper for the story on how they made the series.

    3/29/99 - I don't usually mention cable TV, but today's L.A. Times Calendar section, page F1, had a story about the upcoming changes at the Food Channel which will air at the end of June 1999. They will also air the "Iron Chef" which is discussed on my TV Review page. Julia Child says she prefers PBS for "serious cooking" shows.

    3/10/99 - In todays L.A. Times food section, KCET channel 28 had an ad for their Sunday programs. On 3/14/99 they will have Nick Stellino's Dinner Party at 4:30 p.m. and Huell Howser's Moveable Feast at 6 p.m. This may be a fund drive but sounds like it will be worth watching or taping.

    3/4/99 - Remember: Tom Snyder's last show will be 3/26/99. It's on Tues-Sat, 12:35-1:35 a.m. on KCBS channel 2. Better talk, the last month, try now. *The next few shows are taped, but about the last week will be live.*

    2/8/99 - The Wall Street Journal ( says,"Big TV networks are exploring deals with Internet companies, seeking to offset the TV business's financial woes and expand their audience."

    2/8/99 - TV Times says they got complaints about the print size in the schedule charts so they made the print bigger without removing any schedules. And, the overall space for the charts is the same as last-weeks space. See other comments below. What to expect next week, the carrot or the stick?

    2/3/99 - The newspaper that brought you expanded schedule charts last week takes away the Sat and Sun afternoon charts this weekend. They say they need to save paper.

    1/26/99 - *For the non-cable edition*, starting with the 1/24/99 TV Times in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper, they expanded the charts from 15 to 21 broadcast schedules and from 22 to 24 cable schedules. It consumes the same space cause they made the print smaller. I did ask them to include more schedules a few years ago and was told they couldn't do it cause they had to conserve space to provide detailed info on "I Love Lucy" reruns. The new broadcast schedules in the chart are for channels 3, 24, 36, 42, 58, and 63 of which 24 and 58 carry good stuff.

    1/23/99 - On page F30 in the 1/22/99 L.A. Times was a report on the Alfred I. duPont - Columbia University awards. The following won something: "Nova" on PBS, "Nightline" on ABC, "60 Minutes" on CBS, "CBS Evening News", "P.O.V." on PBS, WRAL-TV in Raleigh, WEWS-TV in Cleveland, The Independent Television Service, WBBM-TV and WMAQ-TV in Chicago, WNET-TV in New York, and Public Radio International on the radio. What did L.A. get??

    1/22/99 - The 1/18/99 L.A. Times newspaper on page F12 reports on the Radio and TV News Assn. of Southern Califirnia's 49th annual Golden Mike Awards. KCBS-TV, who came in 42nd of 61 stations in the following 1/8/99 report, won 15 honors. KTTV, KNSD-TV (San Diego), KCAL-TV, KVEA-TV, and KMEX-TV also won awards. The AP awards went to KCBS, KTTV, and KCOP-TV.

    1/11/98 - Chan 18 on Sun 1/10/99 from 6:30-8:20 p.m. was not following their posted schedule. Same for Chan 58 on Sat 1/9/99 from 5-6 p.m. I'll keep listing the cooking shows which belong in those slots for a while.

    1/8/99 - The 1/6/99 L.A. Times newspaper in the Morning Report on page F2 reported on a review of the 11 p.m. newscasts on three local L.A. TV stations. The report was done by the Columbia University-affiliated Excellence in Journalisn group. They rated newscasts on 61 stations nationwide in 20 cities. KABC was 36th and got a "C" for average. KCBS and KNBC were 42th and 44th and both got a "D" for below average. I wish they had rated the smaller stations which seem to try harder with newscasts starting at 10 p.m.

    Also, there is now a page just for cooking shows on TV.

    12/18/98 - Channel 4 NBC has a nice cluster of shows on Sunday morning, like between 9-11 a.m.ish?? See tips page. Check channel 2 CBS for "60 Minutes II" on 1/13/98, from 9-10 p.m.

    12/16/98 "Huell Howser", "California's Gold", "Visiting.."; search for. Good stuff about CA.
    Cal Gold

    To search, go to the TV Guides page and select a TV guide. I prefer ClickTV cause it covers two weeks and has a feature called something like Search Saver? which I don't know how to use yet. This list will get better as time allows, but it is so easy to find shows using the search and listing features like on ClickTV

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