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Web development


If you already have a Web site, NetMechanic has excellent tools and services for improving it; it's a must-visit if your site is your business. HTML Toolbox scans your site for dead links and slow-loading pages, and there are other tools for promoting your site and monitoring your server. The services will cost you, but you can try out most for free. The best resource is the free webmaster e-newsletter, packed with great design, marketing and maintenance tips. Bottom line: If your site is your business, consider a tuneup. ****


Whether you're just starting to work with HTML or you're ready to master Flash, this site's collection of tutorials will guide you. You'll also catch up on the latest at Web trade shows and get tips on design. What keeps us clicking back, though, are Monkey Bites—useful or odd site links, witty news items and random information. Bottom line: This graphic-filled site doesn't monkey around. ****


If you've chosen Macromedia's WYSIWYG site-building tool to make your dreams come true, give this site a click-through. Dream-weaver is a favorite among Web builders because it is relatively easy to use and works with Flash and Shockwave. You'll become a Dreamweaver master by learning to integrate frames, add music and animations, automate repetitive tasks and insert Java applets. Bottom line: Like the site-building tool, this tutorial is easy for beginners. ***


These Web gurus have collected thousands of tools and resources for your use, from HTML guides to CGI scripts, software utilities and free graphics. You'll also find suggestions on how to write copy, get more hits and turn a profit. To stay on the cutting edge, check out What's Cool. New resources and articles are added frequently. Bottom line: This laid-back site will put you at ease with the Web. ***


For help with JavaScript, this is the site to turn to; its tutorial is the most popular part of the site. Access the reference library to learn about the history of the Web and get answers from Dr. Website. The site is a little difficult to navigate, and the text could be broken up with graphics. Bottom line: Provides the nuts and bolts for developing Web sites. ***

—Adam E. Throne
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