9/00 Sub to open directory.

9/17/00 - sub to hotbot (full caps??) and alta vista and northern lights. check email for jeeves??

8/20/00 - Thanks, but you used Change Detection to request notification of changes to a page which is only for my internal use. Most readers won't have any use for it; nor does it change very often.

1/27/00 - Let's see if monitoping works?????????????


open directory - 9/2000

www.northernlights.com . . submitted 9/19/99.

www.yahoo.com . . submitted to LA radio 9/19/99.

www.totalseek.com . . Entertainment/Radio submitted 9/19/99.

www.askjeves.com . . emailed url@ask.com 9/19/99.

www.infoseek.com.com . . emailed at www-request@infoseek.com and left on site (under tools) 9/19/99.

www.looksmart.com . . couldn't find place to enter URL. Date:Wed, 26 Jan 2000 15:49:54 -0800 (PST)From:"ChangeDetection.com robot"   | Block addressTo:chinesecookery3@yahoo.comSubject:ChangeDetection Site Setup (chinesecookery3@yahoo.com) Add Addresses Thanks for choosing ChangeDetection.com! Here's your new account information: We've attached your new ChangeDetection panel to this email and have also included the HTML for it below. Place this panel on pages that your visitors should monitor. Change those pages regularly, and you'll get your visitors coming back again and again! Thanks again for using ChangeDetection.com. -The ChangeDetection Team Site: http://www.ChangeDetection.com/ FAQ: http://www.ChangeDetection.com/faq.html Contact: http://www.ChangeDetection.com/contact.html ----- START OF THE ChangeDetection PANEL HTML ----- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

it's private
----- END OF THE ChangeDetection PANEL HTML ----- -------------------> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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