China, Chinese, and more. The next Chinese New Year is 2/1/2003. Chinese cooking, restaurants, media, etc. will stay on those pages. This page is for other topics. I can't download stuff, so you're on your own to try those items.

1/30/03 - Chinese New Year is 2/1/03, a Saturday. The downtown Chinatown activities are 2/8 and 2/9/03. See, the lower right corner. Another parade is scheduled for 2/9/03. See, down the center. Trick question: Where isn't this called Chinese New Year, and where isn't it even a holiday?

1/23/03 - Want to teach English in China, have a nice trip, and maybe write some of it off? Check out, "English chat opens doors in China. Among the best moments of my November trip to China was a meeting with members of Global Volunteers at their hotel in Xi'an." More and other stuff at,0,638355.column?coll=la%2Dtravel%2Don%5Fa%5Fbudget. The group has a site at

12/19/02 - "City Approves Sign Honoring Filipino Center." And, "A newspaper, church, radio station, stores and businesses catering to Filipinos are at the center at 4515 Eagle Rock Blvd." I'm not sure of which station. More at Somehow this appeared on their site after I had done today's search.

10/5/02 - Chinatown has a better web site. There's a map, history, links, lists of shops and restaurants with some web sites, and more at

8/14.1/02 - "Filipino Town rises in L.A. City council adopts Beverly Temple corridor as its site. LOS ANGELES - Filipinos in Southern California notched another historic victory recently after the Los Angeles city council last week passed a motion to officially declare a portion of the city as Filipino Town." And, "Officially called “Historic Filipino Town”, the area covers the Beverly-Temple corridor and, according to Garcetti’s motion, is “bounded on the east by Glendale Boulevard, on the north by the 101 freeway, on the west by Hoover Street and the south by Beverly Boulevard.”" More at PS - If I recall correctly the sign has it as one word - FilipinoTown.

8/14/02 - "The Capital of Koreatown. The splashy new Koreatown Galleria stands like a beacon signaling the entry to the heart of the Korean community in Los Angeles." More at

5/16/02 - "China unblocks foreign media Web sites. China appears to have lifted long-standing blocks on the Web sites of several Western news organisations that were freely accessible through local Internet connections in Beijing and Shanghai on Thursday. There was no official announcement..." See >. Reuters' story at

2/11/02 - Chinese New Year starts tonight when the moon goes new, but tomarrow is called the New Years' day. Seems like two or more groups will party over next weekend. Check the local and Asian papers for details. KSCI-TV channel 18 may carry something - check them at

Did everyone know that Guangzhou, China (was known as Canton) is an L.A. sister city? See 7/11/99, LAT, Travel, page L10. Welcome to the brothers and sisters. See the L.A. City web page at for links to all the sister cities.

One of the first? Chinese markets with a web site:

The 'Southland Funbook' in the 9/3/00 LAT, page 37 listed 13 'Ethnic Areas' of which six had web sites and are listed below. See that magazine for phone numbers and/or addresses concerning African-American, Indian, Japanese, Jewish, Korean, Mexican, and Vietnamese areas. As of 9/11/00 I couldn't find the "Southland Funbook" on their web site.

Groups: The Chinese American Museum in Los Angeles. New. . . Chinese Historical Society of Southern California. Amoung other things, provides guided, walking tour of L.A. Chinatown for a fee. Starts at the Chinatown Heritage and Visitor Center (two old houses) at 415 Bernard St. Call 323-222-0856 and leave message on machine. Do ask about parking. Went 5/16 and 5/30/99, was fun and educational.

They say this is for the whole Asian community. Try

Chinese Media and Internet, some and . . Falun Dafa. The Chinese government is after this group. A report says they are hacking into and shutting down their web sites, but this site is their most secure. Might have been in last weeks WSJ. 9/19/99 - This was down a few days latter, but it came back.

Little Manila . . my tour of a Filipino neighborhood in the L.A. area. Some cooking tips also. . . home page for Indians? . . works?? Japanese American National Museum. Try Also

Language: Thanks to the May 1999 WWWiz magazine and Paul Giangiordano for the initial four links.

Portal - May be dead - - Translates, radio, chat, email, and more. And a browser. <<<===
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Links: - sign-in optional? New. Click on "English Version." . new, sign up, surf for 20 hours, and get a free $99 language plug-in translator. And get paid to surf. . a new translator with free download and demo chat. - Hong Kong Tourist Association - China National Tourist Office

Misc: - China Radio International. News, web radio, and short-wave radio schedule.

There was a free exhibition of Chinese Art M-F 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sat noon to 4 p.m. till June 7 at Norris Theatre, 27570 Crossfield Drive, Rolling Hills Estates. 310-544-0403 per LAT. But, I got there Sat about 2 p.m. and couldn't get in. I should have CALLED first.


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