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Los Angeles Newspaper Web Sites. To read foreign languages you may need to install special font/character sets on your machine. Otherwise, you may see junk. Nothing is in any sequence. 9/21/02

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Pay Papers: . . Single Parents, quarterly mag. Only saw ad for subscription in 12/99 Los Angeles Family. . . Chinese Daily News, mostly in Chinese. See four connected circles? The '?' or 'GIF' may give better results. . . Philippine News is sold in Borders Books in Torrance and the Carson area. . . Southern Sierran, Angeles chapter of Sierra Club, monthly, found a complimentary issue. . . Los Angeles Times, largest circulation and web site of local papers. Check for PC Focus on Monday? . . Los Angeles Times Calendar magazine, events, radio, TV . . South Bay Weekly. This and their other local/area/regional inserts were terminated by 2001. A real loss to these areas. . . Press-Telegram, Long Beach . . Internet magazine. Out-of-bisiness for now but archived. or . . Daily Breeze, South Bay newspaper. . . Orange County Register, Orange County . . Daily News, same group as Press-Telegram . . Los Angeles Business Journal, nothing interesting?

Free Papers: . . El Camino College Union paper - weekly - JC in Torrance. URL on paper is incorrect, and this links to old paper. 9/28/01. . . Change-Links (in lower case). This is a good one with a LARGE list of events, hotlines, websites, and more. The 2/00 issue even had a story on KPFK radio. Paper says "$2 at newsstands," but I found this one for free. . . LA Youth, Sept/Oct 1999 was 28 pages. . . not a paper but connected to L.A. Parent below. . . VidaNueva in Spanish. Mentions . . Looked like the County of Los Angeles Public Library had its own newspaper called BookPage, about new book releases. Think it's just their name on the front and their ad on the back. or . . Now called Los Angeles Family with two web sites. They say the name was Los Angeles Children (or the reverse), but I got it as Children Magazine. Monthly. Didn't change site yet. . . The Parent Press from L.A. Unified School District. . . new site for Easy Reader. Started about 9/99. See 9/14/99 flash. This may have crashed me twice, so it's not verfied. . . a new web site for The Beach Reporter, Palso Verdes Peninsula News, and Los Angeles Independent, with room for more. They all have Food sections. Started about 9/99.. . . Apartments For Rent . . RE/MAX real estate. . . ARTifacts by PV Art Center. Got at Torrance Library. . . raceplace Southern California. Running, walking, cycling, multi-sport events. . . Coldwall Banker Homes . . Apartment Guide. L.A. and valley areas . . The Homes Magazine. Covers areas east of South Bay. . . Homes for Sale . . El Clasificado, Spanish ads . . The Employment Guide . . Harmon Homes. Read real estate on the web is big. . . doesn't work. 8/16/98 was free 8/99. The New Federalist . . Working World, jobs mag. . . Benning's Health & Fitness Journal. . . CarWeek. San Ferando & San Gabriel Valley car ads. . . Awareness Magazine. . . LN Lesbian News (Lesbian). . . Frontiers Magazine (Gay). . . The Emergence Quarterly. . . HealthQuest magazine. . . The Link - A Homeschool Newspaper. . . They say the name was Los Angeles Children (or the reverse). I got it as Children Magazine, monthly. Now called Los Angeles Family with same web site. . . L.A. Parent, monthly, small calendar. (references . . Competitor, 10 a year, "California's fitness magazine." . . Street Zebra Los Angeles, starts about September 1, 1999. . . LA Weekly, free, restaurants, travel . . New Times Los Angeles, free, restaurants . . OC Weekly, free or . . PennySaver, free . . now it looks like Senior Life site. Paper is monthly with South-Bay edition & restaurants with Shirley Firestone. . . Los Angeles Downtown News . . Entertainment Today. Mostly movie, some web, and other. . . RAVE! paper by Daily Breeze. Restaurant reviews, movies, etc. Current week issue only.. . . International WOMEN Magazine from Manhat Bch. First free, then $2.95?? Mostly to promo shows?? . . Whole Life Times, CA health paper. The June issue on page 38 has a list of suggested radio programs by . . click on BAM, California's MUSIC Magazine. *The last issue was July 4, 1999.

Ethnic Free Papers. I haven't counted, but Filipino papers must be in the lead, but not many have web sites. Indians may have the most web sites. Let's see other groups catch up.) . . BOCA Magazine, Latino in English. Site starts 11/1/99. . . El Economico by the Press-Telegram. Mostly Spanish but does have the only ad (in English) for Notrica's 32nd. St Market in the South Bay. They have very low product prices with two stores in Carson. 32nd. ads run from Thursday to Wednesday, but this paper appears on Friday (at the earlist) in Press-Telegram machines with a second, lower compartment. . . British Weekly. Just got site 8/99?? . . El Clasificado. Mostly Spanish ads. . . El Economico by the Press-Telegram. Mostly Spanish. This is the only paper for a 32nd. Street Market in this area, in English. . . World Reporter & *California Examiner, weekly, "The leading Filipino-American newspaper in the U.S.A. . . The Japanese Daily Sun. Mostly in Japanese with a GO puzzle . . Plaza Asahi Youth. Mostly in Japanese . . Los Angeles Asian Journal. Filipino . . California Journal for Filipino Americans. . . Gateway USA, site & 6/16/99 issue has map to L.A.'s fireworks, mostly Japanese. . . RyugakUSA, mostly Japanese. Post newspaper. Journal, newspaper, For Indians on CA. ...India Currents magazine, for Indians on CA. A newspaper that looks like a magazine. Some restaurant info. May be out of date. Evening News, NY & L.A. Mine was free. Click English. Lots of news from several sources. . . US Japanese Business News, special was free, normally by paid subscription?? Some English available: like, from first page, click on picture of computer desk, then English. . . Weekend Balita, Filipino, free . . India West newspaper, started working about 5/99 . . Doesn't Work. For Brits in L.A. Mine was marked $2.95 but was free at Whale & Ale in San Pedro. Try 6/12/99 - The problem is the site, and they're working on it. . . The Irish Herald, from San Francisco. Was free at Whale & Ale in San Pedro. . . Union Jack for Brits with a restaurant review.

News Service: . . LA Reporter, internet only. . . City News Service, Inc. for southern California . . Associated Press . . Reuters

National Papers: . . Human Rights Watch. . search Dow Jones, some are free. WSJ is not free? . New York Times . Christian Science Monitor . USA Today . three south Florida papers

Misc: . They do military, student, etc. newspapers - just a large ad.

The * DID mark the newer additions.

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