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L.A. Radio Info. Was called Columns and Columnists (C&C). Check these sources for music radio, ego jocks, sports, maybe web radio, format and owner changes, radio-people news, etc. -- the stuff I don't cover. At least try to check the first six daily, weekly, or whatever. Please bookmark this page before you leave.

More to come. Leave comments and suggestions at the Message Board. 5/8/03 and working. Marks newer stuff.

Los Angeles radio news, etc.
What When Who Web Site
(Note 1)
Weekly on Friday - often Tuesday on site Richard Wagoner
Daily Breeze
his site
Rave! paper
"Radio AM to FM" is his weekly column with radio news, etc. Archived to 1998. Added site-search engine 1/01. See how to build AM loop antenna.
Column & Cal on Sunday
& Cal on Friday
Gary Lycan
Orange County Register (OCR)
reorgrd site 9/02 & it doesn't work
Column? or
OCR paper
Search for the 'Gary Lycan' column on Sun and "Radio Calendar" on both Fri and Sun. Also, try under 'Show.' Comments at 9/16.6/02 Flash
Weekly on Thursday Randy Dotinga
North County Times
Mostly north San Diego/Riverside Counties, but some L.A. and FYI. Paper has search and free archives.
Every other Friday and whenever Sandy Wells and Fred Shuster.
L.A. Daily News
U Section
In the Daily News. Sandy's "One the Radio" column is every other Friday from 11/15/02. Fred and Sandy also do other misc radio columns. May have to search for names?
Daily (in print) Los Angeles Times (LAT) paper

10/20/02 - Even more changes as of 10/13/02 - the names of columns that could contain radio info have been changed. 8/17/02 - File names or whatever were changes this week, so my old links and searches may not work.

'radio station'.
"Around the Dial".
"TV & Radio".
Do click on "more TV & Radio."

"Quick Takes".
"In the Know".
"Radio Station Guide".
'_' is a search, "_" is a column.
Note 2. Web site is poorly organized for finding radio info, but try these. Old stuff deleted 10/02: Fri's "Around the Dial" was their occasional radio column and Tue-Sat's "Morning Report" (replaced by Quick Takes) could mention radio. Mon's "In the Know" seldom has radio.

Some radio items from the paper never appear on the site, like Tips, some items may be delayed for days, and some won't be found with a search.

Daily Don Barrett Here 11/28/01 - $36 per year. Daily news, people, emails, etc. Possibly, the most L.A.-radio info available. Headlines are free?
something, usually daily - in reorganization, URL's changed 2/9/02, 12/10/02 Dave
(David Tanny)
Good list of sources, but less radio news every day. May still be in reorganization, and URL's can change daily. His other URL's below may be wrong. Based in San Diego but covers Southern CA.
Weekly? - sometimes Thursday The CGC Communicator Here By Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR. Click Newsletter, then newest CGC#___. Techie stuff but readable. Has word/text search.
whenever & archives to 1998 The Los Angeles Downtown News Here
Click on 'Talkin Radio' for Tomm Looney's old stuff 2/98-6/01. Or, 'Search' with keyword 'radio' for lots of stories, and use 'find' for 'radio' to refine search.
1/03 changed link. 8/2001 news
Changes site & URL 12/02
Steve Blodgett Here
Was: built new KNX xmtr & photos & stuff. Techie but readable. Was www.steveblodgett.com?
hoax Radio Watch Here A 1/16/02 comment suggests new content soon? See Our Picks, Spotlights, and Programming Highlights, etc. - today out-of-date.
What When Who Web Site
(Note 1)

ASWLC - groups.yahoo.com/group/ASWLC/. SCADS - groups.yahoo.com/group/SCADS/.
L.A. Program Listings
What When Who Web Site
(Note 1)
L.A. Program

every day? Computer Talk Audio Links Here Computer shows - streaming and archived. Found about 10/02.
  me Station Schedules
Best of
Station Air Schedules, Best of, and Radio Favorites, mostly intellegent talk
Weekly on Sunday? Orange County Register newspaper 7/28/02, 7/21/02, 7/14/02, 7/7/02, and weekly?, check? Check end of 'weekly?' and for links on 'check?' Frequent reorg./good luck!
Almost weekly?? Daily News of Los Angeles newspaper their's
Their's is one program review. Mine is all their (81+) reviews. Also search for radio, etc. Woodland Hills (L.A. area) newspaper.
Daily KNX 1070 AM
"Drama Hour"
Drama Hour Old-time radio shows seven days 9-10p and 2-3a plus Sat 10-11p and streaming. Check site for detailed schedules, seasonal shows, and lots of OTR info and links.
Sunday and Wednesday KNX 1070 AM
"60 Minutes" and "60 Minutes II"
radio schedule
show info
Radio schedule is usually Sun 7-8p and Wed 8-9p. Show info has previews and/or recaps.
Weekly on Friday
most weeks
LA Weekly 'Radio Picks'
LA Weekly
Mostly strange music and other shows, listed from Fri-Thu. See 11/26.3/01 Flash. It's a free, weekly paper, but site often lists more picks.
Monday - Friday Larry King Here Guest schedule for Monday-Friday, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM. One-hour repeat of CNN show. Transcripts & more.
? Dave Here
Station and program listings. Large site, into music and strange shows. San Diego, L.A., etc. Updated 8/21/01?
Monthly? KFWB 980 AM.
Call-in shows like
"Ask the Mayor"
Here - Click on "Ask the Mayor" for details. Often Wednesday 10-11a.
  • "Ask the Mayor" with Mayor Jim Hahn
  • "Ask the Schools Chief" with LAUSD Superintendent Roy Romer
  • "Ask the Chief" with LAPD Chief Bernard Parks
  • Daily local newspaper   see Notes 2 & 3, above & below
    meetings: 1st Sat of month American Shortwave Listeners Club - ASWLC SWL club
    Shortwave, like 1.7-30Mhz, the International broadcasts, Amateur radio, etc.
    Added 11/1/02 & 5/8/03
    meetings: 3rd Sat of month Southern California Area DXerS Club (SCADS) DX SWL club
    Shortwave, like 1.7-30Mhz, the International broadcasts, Amateur radio, etc.
    Added 11/2/02 & 5/8/03
    What When Who Web Site
    (Note 1)

    L.A. & other radio message boards
    What When Who Web Site
    (Note 1)
    Message Boards
    mostly L.A. radio
  • ++ are most active
  • 3/10/03 - Never became active - www.radiodrops.com/forums/. This was posted on the ctcr bb. But, you must register with a REAL email address, which I won't do. Started 11/11/02.
  • + 11/9/02 - Engineering Discussion Board, aka Radio Engineering Board, with tech stuff.
  • 3/10/03 - only slightly active general talk-radio board, part of www.radiotalk.org/ site.
  • 10/23/02 - three more:
    1 - Some may be using radio-info.com/boards/southwest/.
    + 2 - Richard Wagoner's new pub8.bravenet.com/forum/show.php?usernum=680610666&cpv=1. 10/02
    + 3 - Also new & you must join to post at forums.delphiforums.com/laradio/. 10/02?
  •   ++ Southern California Groove NEW
    Active, with music talk - but a few repeat offenders fill the board with name calling. 1/20/03 - Move to radio-info.com/ soon.
      ++ New York Radio Message Board
    #1 radio market
    Here most active (and technical) board with search, etc.
    quit 4/10/02  Los Angeles Radio Here had Arbitron rating and more.
      Los Angeles Radio Here At MSN. Found 11/01
      Dave's Links David Tanny does San Diego and southern CA. 'Links' has dozens of board links, and some work.
      The San Diego Radio Forum Here New for San Diego, slightly active. Started 12/01
      ++ coast to coast radio board Here found 11/01. TV was here but now has it's own board.
      Satellite Radio
    XM & Sirius Discussion Board
    Here found 11/01
      me -
    Los Angeles radio and more
    New Mostly messages to me. Leave questions, comments, suggestions, etc. 12/20/01.
      Google/Deja Here www.google.com has what's left of www.deja.com, archives, etc. Search for "Los Angeles radio," etc. See 12/8.5/01 Flash.
    10/5/02  Radio & Records
    Boards: News/Talk/Sports - New Media/Internet - General Radio Topics - All above and more. DO select more days to see more. Includes search. Mostly inside-the-industry stuff, but occasionally interesting.
    Discussion Boards
    Here Links to many regional boards, in upper right corner.

    world/national talk radio/internet, etc.
    What When Who Web Site
    (Note 1)
    National Talk,

    I don't do internet audio.
    Also see Old-Time Radio at end.
    found 1/2003 Talk Radio Now Here new: streaming, news, etc. Started 12/6/02??.
      National Public Radio (NPR) Here About the best non-local news, features, etc. Streams? Complete archives with good search function.
    every day? Computer Talk Audio Links Here Computer shows - streaming and archived. Found about 10/02.
    gone 6/02? Talk Radio Roundup Here See for info & links. Was streaming, archives, info, links, stuff.
      Radio Talk Here Lots of stuff about talk radio.
      Live Radio (World) Here 1000's of world stations? Haven't used.
      Talk Radio Network Here whatever, haven't used.
      Best Of Talk Radio by another Dave 100 links
    Over 100 talk-radio links, some dated. Home has comedy and stuff.
      CNN Radio Here Streams, stations, schedule.
      Weekend Radio Network Here A few interesting-sounding shows and streams, but I don't. Check the computer, Internet, action, and others.

    L.A. stations, etc.
    What When Who Web Site
    (Note 1)
    Los Angeles radio stations, lists of, misc. info
    (was MIT)
    Local (62 stations) and fringe (122 stations) in L.A. area plus whole USA. Searchable. Has sites, types, streaming, freqs, letters, etc. Was called MIT etc.
      Federal Communications Comission (FCC)
    AM FM TV misc.
    site map
    topic index
    the man, with the details
      100000 Watts here Lots of info, format updates, news, etc. Sold to CCC? 5/02
    one at a time Arbitron - all U.S.? station info Here For address, phone, etc., click on "Review station information profiles," and enter call letters and AM or FM. Frames prevent a direct path.
      Neel Mehta AM
    Some out of date. L.A. and southern CA. Call, freq., type, streaming, etc.
      Los Angeles Almanac AM
    Format, freq, call, address, phone, trivia, etc.
      MARS Here Another list of L.A stations shows nicknames, power, format, etc. Dot.com page doesn't link to this?
      L.A. Times Station Guide simple list by type with call letters and freq, mostly up-to-date. Some days in paper.
      L.A. County
    Here alphabetical by call letter, with freq, phone number, address, URL, and 'contact'(?). Dated 10/25/01
      Charles P. Hobbs Here Pages for AM and FM stations with digitized aircheck and links. Could be out of date.
      Don Barrett's laradio.com Here Alpha by call letters. 'Find' for freq. Partial?
      Yahoo General
    some stations and links
      Radio Guide Here by type, usually out of date, some site links
      @LA Here long misc. list
      Chuck Taggart
    misc non-commercial info
    L.A. area
    Local & international, non-commercial, sites, links & stuff
      One Place Here religious, a few, and out-of-area
      National Weather Service (NOAA) Here weather radio, like 162 MHz, streams, maps, see CA section. Map blocks 'Back.'
      print papers: Daily Breeze - Rave! section (Fri) and Long Beach Press-Telegram (whenever) not on sites in print newspaper only
      El Camino College Here KECC at 1500 AM in Torrance,CA with 15 watts and a range of about 200 feet. No Internet streaming indicated. Site is www.elcamino.cc.ca.us/kecc/index.html.
      Burbank airport station WMCM749 airport Officially called the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport, their station at 1700 AM is 24-hours of mostly recorded stuff with an ok signal. However, freeway radio may also operate on 1700 AM. See 2/28.1/02 Flash.
      LAX radio station WNHB296 LAX site LAX radio at 530 AM is mostly recorded announcements with what may be live traffic and parking reports. The range could be about a mile. LAX is offically known as the Los Angeles International Airport and/or the Los Angeles Municipal Airport.
      AFTRA stations Here A short list of AFTRA-represented stations with info. Could be out-of-date: lists KLAC as swing format.
      CBA -
    CA stations
    Here list of CA stations with web sites from the California Broadcasters Association

    Who owns which L.A. stations from the 1/9/02 Arbitrons. See 1/30.7/02 Flash for text and details.
    OwnerL.A. StationsFormat
    Classic Rock
    Association of
    Community Education
    KLTX-AM Spanish Rel.
    Big CityKLYY-FMSpanish Con.
    Calvary ChapelKWVE-FMReligious
    Clear ChannelKIIS/KVVS
    Urban AC*
    Hot AC
    Hot AC
    EntravisionKSSC/KSSD/KSSESpanish Con.
    Reg. Mex.
    Spanish AC
    Spanish Oldies
    Spanish Oldies
    OwnerL.A. StationsFormat
    Smooth Jazz
    Classic Rock
    Reg. Mex.
    Spanish AC
    Reg. Mex.
    LotusKWKW-AMSpanish N/T
    Mt Wilson FMKMZT-FMClassical
    Radio OneKKBT-FMUrban
    Radio UnicaKBLA-AMSpanish N/T
    Christian AC
    Reg. Mex.**
    Reg. Mex.
    TaxiKJLH-FMUrban AC
    XTRA Com.XTRA-AMSports
    not specifiedKALI-AMEthnic

    more radio, etc.
    What When Who Web Site
    (Note 1)
    Find stuff daily Google
    Here Good for searches with quality results.
    whenever Los Angeles Yahoo L.A. city
    L.A. metro
    For Los Angeles area. Much stuff. Why two sites? Are they different?
    Daily Open Directory Project
    Here Trying but needs editors and support. Doesn't even link to me.
    National News Links Daily Matt Drudge
    Here General news, some media, lots of links.
    Daily Larry Shannon
    Front page
    New in midish 2001? Daily news and lots of links. I can't access since about late 2001.
    Trades ? Radio & Records Here News, etc. All free??
    ? Inside Radio Here News, etc. About early 2002 became p/o M Street Publications.
    ? Radio Ink Here News, etc. Added 12/21/02
    ? New Radio Star? Site
    Radio search engine
    News, etc. Check "Around the Net" tips to right.
    ? Talkers Magazine Here News, etc. Magazine is monthly.
    ? Arbitron Here News, etc. Are the ratings available??
    Monthly Holland Cooke Media Monthly Newsletter Here News, etc. Just for talk radio?
      National Public Radio (NPR)
    Here About the best non-local, non-commercial news, features, etc. Streams?
      Salem Communications Corporation station sites
    Own KKLA-FM, KRLA-AM, KXMX-AM, and KFSH-FM and now KRLH-AM
      Clear Channel Here Largest with KOST, KBIG, KIIS, KFI, KHHT, KYSR, plus?
      Infinity L.A. links
      Westwood One Here What was the CBS radio site now goes here.
      Premiere Radio Networks Here Several talk shows: Rush, Laura, Bell, Hendrie, Edell, more. Streams for pay?
      ABC/Disney Here  
      Yahoo Here Dozens of links, some out-of-date?
    Misc.   joe matters? Here Links to misc. L.A. radio sites. Most links work. Finding real dot.com page, with worthless motion, is a thankless job.
      Jeff Miller, New Port Richey, FL Here History of American Broadcasting. Radio and TV. Lots of stuff like the meaning of early call letters and more.
    (in print)
    Long Beach Press-Telegram paper Here Note 3. Searches for 'radio' won't find much.
    Tomm Looney Here A or
    Here B
    (fast A/B) and
    News, etc. A/B not updated since 6/2001.
    ? David Alpern Here News on page 1, Radio on page 2.
    ? L.A. Examiner Here
    L.A. multimedia links, some news & seldom radio
      Yahoo Here Links, stations, programs, etc.
      Radio Dave Here Too much. San Diego? Disorganized? www.davesfunstuff.com/
      Dave's Place Here History of old L.A. radio stations.
      FCC www.fcc.gov/  
    Few per Week Ron Fineman Here Media news, etc. Mostly TV. Links like www.radio411.com/
    Almost Daily Gary Franklin Here Media news, etc. Not much radio.
    Automatic? Tomm Looney Here Revised site only does automated news feed. Now works for CC & keeps quiet.
    Tips   richleebruce? better AM reception
    radio recording
    better AM reception & radio recording
      Radio Watch Here Program listings, links, discussion, 'full service.' Thanks for links. May be dead.
      me See my Program Listings, above. Check computer/internet radio shows and sites (mostly Sat & Sun) for possible web-radio information, archives, etc.
      Sam Rubin Here Canned news feed.
    Sam has spots on KNX, KLSX, and KTLA.
    L.A. Books, mostly     Here new, small site
    Internet Radio weekly? Measure Cast Here? listener stats
    Air Checks   California Aircheck Here Interesting links
      Reel Radio Here per R.W. 2/23/01
      Air Chexx Here mentioned on ctcrb bb 6/24/02
    What When Who Web Site
    (Note 1)

    old time radio
    What When Who Web Site
    (Note 1)
    Old Time Radio.
    Post suggestions, and I'll add sites.
    I don't do internet audio, so you're on your own.

    See Here for program listing.
      KNX 1070 AM
    'Drama Hour'
    Here OTR shows seven days 9-10p and 2-3a plus Sat 10-11p and streaming. Typically, major changes 1/1/02, minor 7/1/02. Check page for detailed schedules, seasonal shows, and lots of OTR info and links.
      Radio Days Here Just found.
      SPERDVAC Here
    L.A. group. Click logo.
      Old-Time Radio Here Almost too much stuff about old radio shows.
      Radio Spirits new
    part of
    was at
    Has been on L.A. stations, don't go by their list. 2/16/02
      Museum of Television and Radio Here In L.A. and NY.
      ZBS Here Sales only?
    weekly? Imagination Theater Here Streams?

    Also, see old pages at Misc. and Mags.


    11/27/00 - Can't suggest Tomm Looney's?? own site - seems to be going porno.

    1: The URL's filled the whole table and were replaced by 'Here,' etc. Hold the arrow on them or do a view source to see URL.

    2: The Los Angeles Times (LAT) newspaper also has some radio info. (A) - Most days there's a short "Radio Tips" list and some days a list of radio stations. Every few months the "Radio Highlights" in the Sunday paper are more comprehensive but usually as uninteresting and out-of-date. All in paper only. (B) - The "Morning Report" column, around page F2 most days or in the "Calender Weekend" magazine on Thursday, may mention radio. A site search may find a few. (C) - The Radio column in the "Calender Weekend" magazine on Thursday by several different writers was so bad it's been gone for months. (D) - A search of the paper and site may find other radio items, but it's mostly a waste of your time. (E) - After (C) ended, there may be a radio column in Friday's Calendar maybe once a month.

    P.S. - Jeff Levy (www.jefflevy.com) some Thursdays in the LAT does a short Question and Answer (Q&A) computer column. Paper only?

    3: The Long Beach Press-Telegram newspaper lists a few shows and some days lists radio stations in their daily radio-tips area. The Sunday paper does list a few shows for Sunday and also a few during the week. Haven't seen this on their web site.


    Chuck Rowe was at www.la-radio.com, but starting 1/2000 or earlier, the site said "Out of Business." 6/00 - now it goes to another type of radio site. 7/2/00 - Now it's a junk site, don't go, it sticks to your shoe - too bad.

    Radio Gossip at radiogossip.com/ - On 1/26/00 Tomm Looney mentioned another web column in his web column. 6/10/00 - Gone - It did reference other sites, but some content remained.

    www.radiodigest.com ended about the end of 2000, but site still works.

    early 01? - Tomm Looney is employed by CCC and halts radio talk.

    11/28/01 - www.laradio.com goes from free to $36/year, again.

    about 5/02 - Bill Mann in San Francisco with a site at www.mannaboutsf.com/. Had sections like "Latest Radio & Television News," "Bill's Other Columns - Hills Newspaper Group," "Web Links," and more. Don't know why he quit.

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