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  • Pizza Specials

    8/27/02 - Italian Express, 22207 Sherman Way, Canoga Park/West Hills, CA, phone 818-992-7490. Open Monday - Saturday, not Sunday, 11a-10p.

    While checking out the cluster of Indian restaurants in this area (see the Indian page), I notices this ordinary-looking, strip-mall joint. A sign says a large 14" pizza with one topping is $4.99 on Tuesday. Also, an extra-large 16" pizza with one topping is $5.99; everyday?. That, I believe, was the walk-in or delivered price, but call to make sure. What is it, the area formula with pi: pi r2?; the 16" should be a better deal? But, since it was Tuesday, I walked in, asked if they could do a thin-crust, and ordered one. The thin crust was better than average and so was the cheese, sauce, and pepperoni. Not a bad pizza if you're in the area and like thin crust. How is their regular crust? Don't know. PS - It looked like it was the owner who made my pizza; yours could be different. They also do 19 lunch specials at $4.99, sandwiches and salads under $5.00, pasta under $7.00, deliveries, catering, and more. A small, clean place with only four tables. I didn't ask about restrooms, but they may not have one. The front door was open when I was there; if you need air-conditioning call first.

  • Pizza buffet

    1/2003 Pizza Hut update - You might not want to go if you want the thin-crust pizza for the lunch buffet. Thin crust was the only reason I went. But, I was told by the manager that they only make about ten pizzas for the lunch buffet and of those only about one will be thin crust. Or something like that. Call first if this is important to you. I asked for and got a refund and don't plan to go again.

    6/18/02 - Pizza Hut, 14455 Van Nuys Bl. (just north Ventura Bl.), Sherman Oaks, CA, phone 818-990-7600.

    Several Pizza Huts do an all-you-can-eat pizza, salad bar, pasta, etc. lunch buffet for about $4.50. But here, their thin and crisp pizza crust is better than other Pizza Huts I've tried. Also, they almost use enough cheese and sauce, but still need more toppings. The salads, etc. are ordinary. Perhaps this is the best pizza that Pizza Hut can offer, but I still probably wouldn't buy a whole pizza here. Necessary - for the buffet, if you don't keep yelling for more thin crust, you'll never get any. They'd rather fill you up with thick crust.

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