5/20/01 - Computer/Internet Shows - Tired of the annoying Jeff Levy computer show? There are several better options. Watch this spot for expanded details. Why do four shows overlap on Sat?

9/28/99 - Review - The Computer/Internet Shows. Also, check their web sites for links to things they mention, stuff, etc. They all take phone calls, if you can get in. I'll fill in more details as I get the time. Added *Barry Diamond and Diane Brandis. 9/28/99 - Gina Smith is off the radio?

1/13/00 - Another:
Sunday, 11-noon, Computers with "The PC Club Computer Showcase"
830 KPLS AM    (listed 1/13/00 per site)

Sunday, 11-midnight Computers with "Beyond Computers"
89.3 KPCC FM    (started 11/21/99)        
9/26/99 - There's another show on Sat, 8- 9 a.m. I haven't heard enough to have an opinion, but it's at least ok. It's with David Radin and titled "Internet Insider". It's on 1110 KRLA AM. The 9/18/99 show was delayed due to a problem till about 8:20 a.m. I emailed them to discover they only answer email on the show.
1. Mr. Alex and Serfer Val have the best Internet/computer show in L.A. cause it's the only one. As a computer show, they would almost be in a three-way tie for first place. Nice ballance between phone calls, info, news, etc. The two hosts keep the show moving. I didn't care for the last two shows on E-commerce and Apple, but I'm sure someone did, so I'll keep them in number 1. The Apple show was rebroadcast on 3/14/99.
Sun, noon-2 p.m., Computers (Internet) with Mr. Alex (Gray) & Surfer Val (Whalin)
97.1 KLSX FM, "The Earthlink [Network?] Internet Show"

2. Marc and Mark almost tie for the best computer show. These are the newest guys on the air, and you can hear them getting better every week. They will admit they don't have the answer to a phone call, unlike other hosts. 5/7/99 - they've been on one year.
Sun, 10- 1 p.m., Computers with Marc Cohen & Mark Oleesky (kabc_computers@hotmail.com)
790 KABC AM, "The KABC Computer Show with the Marck Brothers"

3. Ric and Doran almost tie for the best computer show. This is a noncommercial FM station, so you get a solid hour of stuff. They usually start with one-half hour of computer news and then phone calls. They also do interviews with people in the computer business.
Sat, 10-11 a.m., Computers with 
Ric Allan & Doran Barons  or www.digitalvillage.org "Digital Village" 
90.7 KPFK FM 

4. Kim comes in right after the top three. She knows her stuff, but she talks more and can't take as many phone calls. She does mention sites for kids. Her schedule has been all over the place: first - all three hours on Sat a.m. and two hours of repeats on Sun p.m. Then just two hours on Sat and two hours of repeats on Sun. Then the site schedule indicated just one hour on Sun, but that didn't happen. Now the site schedule shows three hours on Sun. Lets hope all three hours are back, and thanks to the program director and your communications if the three hours have returned. Keep checking their site schedule in case I can't keep up with the changes. How about an all-Kim day? Everyone could email and ask them to keep all three hours and then also do repeats when they have the air time. Over the last few weeks Kim has had the best bumper music on the air. See the Radio Flash for the last few months for some other comments.
Wed only? (was Mo, We, Fr), 6-7 p.m., Computers with Kim Komando "The Kim Komando Computer Show" 
1130 KSDO AM    (San Diego, hearable in daylight
*Barry Diamond and Diane Brandis on Tu & Th.

Sat, 7-10 a.m., Computers with Kim Komando "The Kim Komando Computer Show" 
97.1 KLSX FM    

Sat, 6-9 p.m., Computers with Kim Komando "The Kim Komando Computer Show" 
1130 KSDO AM    San Diego, hearable in daylight)

5. Jeff comes in last place. I find him annoying, but he may know Windows.
Sun, 9-noon,  Computers with Jeff Levy, "Jeff Levy on Computers" 
640 KFI AM 

*See Barry Diamond and Diane Brandis on Tu & Th, 6-7 p.m. on KSDO listed under Kim Komando.

Also see www.bootcamp.com on the KNX 1070 AM News Features, Sun at 1:25 p.m. & Sat & Sun 3:25 p.m.

Honorable Mention. 9/28/99 - Looks like Gina is off the air. Two other guys are doing the show on KFBK (below) from 11-1 p.m. Her old web site (below) links to Disney, but I didn't see anything about her. Original - Gina and her sidekick had the best computer show in L.A., more than a year ago, but she isn't available in L.A. today. Her old web site listed all the radio stations where she was on the air. They should bring that back. Or better, please bring her back. Check the web-radio reference on her web site.
Sun, 10- 1 p.m., Computers?? with Gina Smith (can't hear Sacramento, per site) 
1530 KFBK AM, "[Get?] Connected with Gina Smith"