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Restaurant 10 in Little Manila in Carson, CA, USA.

10. China King - Closed about 9/2000
148 W. Carson St.
Carson, CA 90745
phone: 310-549-7126

I did try the BBQ pork combo plate in the last year, and it was ok. Combo plates include fried or steamed rice, chow mein, and one item for $2.70. And, there was enough pork and stuff for the next day. You can order from a menu with items from 40-cents to $3.75. A quart of BBQ pork is $6.50. This place is listed in case you chicken out on Filipino food. 9/1/99 - New sign says hours are Sun - Thu 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.and Fri and Sat 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., seven days.

8/1/99 - This Sunday was a bad day in Little Manila. First I went to Kim Tar Restaurant B.B.Q., but they're closed on Sunday. Then I tried Mami King, and I was still hungry, so I came here about 1 p.m. I got the two-item combo which comes with fried rice, chow mein and two items for $3.50. I forgot to ask for steamed rice, so they give you fried rice. I got a boneless chicken thigh and pork ribs in brown sauce. There was no extra stuff except soy sauce, and I didn't even see any water.

The pork was nine chunks of pork ribs, mostly with the bone. A lot of fat and bone. The chicken was a boneless thigh with the skin which was flattened and fried. The chicken was very greasy, not what I want to eat with my fingers, and chop sticks aren't practical for a whole thigh. There weren't any plastic knives, and when I asked for one I was told they would chop it up for me. I wanted to eat there, but I just took the whole thing home.

It's still in the refrigerator. The fried rice and chow mein were ok. I just tried a couple of better-looking pork chunks, and they were tender. The chicken was dry, overcooked, and greasy. Problem: everything just tasted like soy sauce; it was bland, non-caring cooking. Maybe I didn't make the best choices, but based on having interesting food, these guys are in last place. However, based on having the most bland food for the money, they're about in first place.

8/4/99 - I made two meals out of the leftovers, and it tasted ok. I might have to upgrade their score.

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