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Flashes, South Bay - Keep checking the sites on the City & Area pages and the free & pay newspapers on the Maps page for items. I can't keep this up to date, and I'm only going to list a few.

8/11/01 - Nisei Week ends this weekend, but check to be ready for next year. If there is a next year - read LAT's

6/4/01 - See the 96? page info magazine in yesterday's (Sunday's) Daily Breeze on parks, malls, etc. -- lots of stuff

11/17/00 - Into live, like-old-time radio, in San Pedro?? See yesterday's South Bay Weekly, Page 1 or or call 310-831-2959. It was yesterday and is tomarrow at $22 with minor eats or food is available(?). Call for future schedule. If you're not reading this paper/site weekly, you'll miss good stuff.

10/22/00 - The best festivals from around the world? South Bay Weekly (site at 10/19/00, page 2 says they listed our 9/29/00 lobster festival in San Pedro. Festivals at

10/14/00 - Newish South Bay site, mostly commercials at on Area page.

10/6/00 - Grand opening party for new book store Sunday, 10/8/00, noon to 5 p.m. It's Accessories to Murder at 903 S. PCH, Redondo Beach, 310-792-0972. Do you believe they don't have a web site?

10/5.1/00 - Watch for some new L.A.-oriented web sites. One is See Area page.

10/5/00 - Another Lobster Festival 10/13 - 10/15. Try

9/29/00 - Lobster Festival this weekend and others. I won't even report them all. This weekend is

9/28/00 - "Marco Polo's Journey," Sept. 29 & 30 & Oct 1, 2000, San Gabriel Valley at, the third, on last weekend on L.A. County Fair, costs.

9/23/00 - What's the next sports issue/mess for the South Bay? Looks like the proposed $100 (or $110) million sports complex at CSU Domingues Hills, also in Carson. Some locals don't like the idea. Check the local papers over the last few days for the details.

9/11/00 - Try L.A. Insider at and suggest this site.

8/5/00 - Sun, 8/6/00, noon-7 p.m., Carson Community Center ("at the Carson St. exit from the 405 Fwy"??), east parking lot, FREE, 'The City of Carson's First United Day Celebration, ethnic stuff (like dance, singers, art, storytellers, craft, and food [not free]), info 310-830-9991.

5/18/00 - This Sat, 5/20/00 is the Armed Forces Day parade in Torrance. See today's Daily Breeze, page B1, for details. It will disrupt North/South traffic on the East side of Torrance for much of the day.

12/19/99 - Holiday stuff - final. L.A. City will host five entertainment sites on New Years Eve, and they say it will be covered on TV (details not available). Check They listed the wrong URL for a while. Or check with the L.A. City (not County) Library who should have the datails. Also L.A. County will do their event on Christmas Eve as described and linked in 12/15/99 flash.

12/16/99 - The City of L.A. will offer 'something' (like free music??) on New Year's eve in five sections of L.A. city. I've seen the ad on TV but it went so fast I couldn't get the details. Couldn't find anything on their web site. Check for your self if you're interested.

12/15/99 - Six hours of performing arts - all free with free parking - all kinds of ethnic and other stuff. It's on 12/24/99 3-9 p.m. See, under Holidays. Also on KCET-TV; see TV Flashes for details. Also free New Year's performances at five L.A. locations - working on details.

11/14/99 - If you want to see Skypark Gardens, Special Places #2, you might want to rush right over. The 11/13/99 Daily Breeze listed a redevelopment plan for that block, and who knows what will happen. But they better not mess with my garden.

11/5.1/99 - Starting sometime in January 2000 they will drop the toll on the Vincent Thomas Bridge between San Pedro and Long Beach. This is the first time a toll was dropped in California. Expenses were so high that only 2% of the money collected went to the highway department. Per yesterdays Daily Breeze. Today's Press-Telegram says it starts 1/1/2000.

10/18/99 - It was 10/16/99, about 2:46 a.m., and it woke me up. Just lucky it was miles away. Called the first cyberquake. A few associated sites soon.

9/14/99 - Easy Reader also at See Newspaper Flashes.

9/13.1/99 - The Beach Reporter, one of the South Bay's better free newspapers, announced they have a web site. Small at first, but will grow. Stupid thing: it's reported in a story at the bottom of page 44. Like, don't plaster it on the cover AND on every page next to the title. Keep it a secret. Street Zebra did the same thing. The site is at The Palso Verdes Peninsula News and the Los Angeles Independent are in here also, with room for more. They all have Food sections.

9/13/99 - Keep an eye on the Little Manila section for items related to the South Bay Filipino comunity.

9/11/99 - Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden had two gardening classes today. Free for members or $10 for others. Call 310-376-0542, and ask them to do it again. If you're not even growing herbs on your windowsill, you're wasting money. See the Radio Favorites page for a few shows. Also on TV - maybe channel 28 Sat mornings and the newspapers - maybe the Sun LAT.

9/10/99 - Check the newspapers -- I ran out of time to enter all the good stuff --

9/5/99 - Found a new L.A. site called Los Angeles Free-Net at Some parts are still under construction, but check it out.

8/24/99 - Saw an ad in the Extra: "Free Tacos on Tuesday! Unlimited free tacos from 4 p.m. - 9 p.m.!" It's at the El Paso Cantina, 2404 W. Sepulveda Blvd., Torrance, 310-530-4882. That's east of Crenshaw. I'll try it sometime.

8/23/99 - "Tuesday night strolls in downtown Manhattan Beach every Tuesday evening during August...6-9 p.m.....strolling musicians...." 8/24 is bluegrass, 8/31 is western swing. Saw this in the Beach Reporter. No exact location or contact given.

8/5/99 - Ran out of time - get todays LAT South Bay Weekly for 3 music events, an herb tour, Korean Independence Day activity, and more. All free??

7/29.1/99 - Gardena Buddhist Church Obon Festival. 7/31 & 8/1/99, 1517 W. 166th. St., Gardena, CA. Dance is 6-8 p.m., both days. Also carnival Sat 3-10 p.m. & Sun 2-9 p.m. No contact info given and no prices, maybe it's free???? Per ad in Daily Breeze.

7/29/99 - Nisei Week Japanese Festival, the 8/14 thru 8/22/99, in Little Tokyo, between First and Fourth Streets and between Alameda and Los Angeles Streets in L.A. Most events are free. Info at 213-687-7193. Per 7/28/99 Daily Breeze.

7/28/99 - LAT reports Huntington Beach in Orange County (a.k.a. Surf City) - "Surf City is running out of lifeguards." One hopeful when ask about swim experience said, "I have none. But I watch 'Baywatch' and I look good in a bikini."

7/15.1/99 - Japanese Summer Festival - 7/17 & 7/18/1999, Holiday Inn, 19800 S. Vermont Ave., Torrance, 310-532-5921, x 130. Per today's Daily Breeze, page A8. Costs 2$, shows, street stalls, music, food extra. Keep checking the papers and city web sites; there's lots of things to do.

7/15/99 - Hawthorne Blvd. between 190th. St. and Redondo Beach Blvd. in Torrance will be repaved starting 7/26/99 and it could go on for six weeks. They plan to work mostly at night, but expect a mess.

7/99 - Found a new South Bay web site at They have only been around since 1995 and get 7500 visitors a month per the June 10, 1999 Easy Reader, page 12. Maybe they'll exchange links -- they did and thanks.

6/26 & 27/99. Bird Walk. Free, 10 a.m., Madrona Marsh, 3201 Plaza Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, 310-32-MARSH, per LAT. See

6/16*/99 - Today's Los Angeles Times (LAT) contained an advertising supplement called Cultural Arts and featured stuff all over the area. Companies as far away as San Diego bought ads. Look at the map in the center -- there's not even one ad for the South Bay. What's happening -- are we keeping it a secret from ourselves? (above) and I are doing what we can. Post your suggustions on my message board.

6/16/99 - I saw a flier: for the 4th of July fireworks at Wilson Park in Torrance they'll charge $5 for on-site parking. Free parking will be at "designated areas" of Del Amo Fashion Center (mall) and the Civic Center with free shuttle transportation from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. No other details were given, and this isn't on the Torrance web site yet -- but I did email them. Games, food, and train rides from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. with fireworks from 9 to 9:30 p.m. if wind doesn't cancel it. I now the hours look strange, but that's what it says. They say they need volunteers [for what]; call 310-618-2930.

Swap Meet, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., second and third Sunday of each month, VFW, 1822 W. 162nd St. (corner of Western Ave.), Gardena, 310-324-6161. Per LAT. No charge to get in. Go early, many vendors leave early. Check Goodwill almost across the street.

Gardena Farmers Market, Saturday, 6:30 a.m. to noon, 13000 Van Ness Ave, Gardena, 310-244-9190. Per LAT.

Free exhibition of Chinese Art M-F 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday noon to 4 p.m. till June 7 at Norris Theatre, 27570 Crossfield Drive, Rolling Hills Estates, 310-544-0403. Per LAT.

5/14 thru 16/99 - Torrance does the armed forces day thing. The parade on Saturday disrupts central north/south traffic. See

5/15 and 16/99 - EUROPA 99 in San Pedro. See for description, map, and directions.

5/15/99 - Live internet demonstrations, refreshments, and over $10,000 in prizes including a complete PC package. It's Saturday 5/15/99, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., by COX@Home, 43D Peninsula Center, Rolling Hills Estates, CA. It's to sell you their cable internet service, on which they have a deal. Their site is This is from a 5/6/99 ad in the South Bay Weekly section of the L.A. Times.

More to come. Get any suggestions? Also see other pages.

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