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Newspapers, Maps, etc. South Bay 11/4/00

South Bay newspapers (see News page on MENU for details and a complete list of web sites and free papers):

South Bay Weekly . . A section in the Thursday Los Angeles Times newspaper.

RAVE! - A section in the The Daily Breeze on Friday which is is also free many places.

The Daily Breeze . . The major South Bay newspaper.

Easy Reader Free.

The Beach Reporter One of the South Bay's better free newspapers, announced they have a web site. Small at first, but will grow. Stupid thing: it's reported in a story at the bottom of page 44. Like, don't plaster it on the cover AND on every page next to the title. Keep it a secret. Street Zebra did the same thing. The Palso Verdes Peninsula News and the Los Angeles Independent are in here also, with room for more. They did all have Food sections. Free.

Random Lengths - San Pedro area. Email only at Free some places.

Over the Bridge - San Padro . . Started 3/25/99 as a 12-page, pull-out section in the Long Beach Press-Telegram newspaper. Lots of ads, some news. Appears every last Thursday of the month.

South Bay Magazine - and . . don't remember, maybe on web only.

The 5/2/99 Earthlink radio show mentioned a new quarterly magazine - either Southland or South Land - about southen California, but I can't find a URL. I'll keep looking.

Maps, Directions, & Photographs:

8/10/01 - South Bay map (variable) via Yahoo. - Thomas Brothers Maps. Lots of options and speciality maps. - Want street maps and directions? Ask for a map of the city & state of Torrance & CA. That map will show an area extending beyond the South Bay. Also gives directions like below. - Yahoo has directions and maps also. Ask for cities, etc, or for directions between two points. P.S. I tried directions once, and it went way past my destination. - Three freeways serve the South Bay. To check the real-time traffic flow, go here for maps, etc. - another traffic map for the L.A. area. Not sure how to use it yet.

TerraServer - Want black & white satellite photographs of the South Bay, L.A., or other areas? If you have lots of time, try this. You may need a map to find where your going on this photo.

Note: About street addresses, the odd-numbered addresses (i.e. 2001) are usually on the north or west side of a street. The even-numbered addresses (i.e. 2000) are usually on the south or east side of a street.

Speed Traps: - Think there may be a speed trap in your area? The Daily Breeze on 3/23/99 listed 23 in the South Bay.

Weather, not whether or not: - The South Bay is in zone 41. - L.A. Yahoo also has weather, and click for details. - L.A. & world weather, lots of stuff.

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