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Misc. South Bay 11/6/00

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San Pedro - the locals pronounce it San Pea-dro as in Portuguese, not San Pay-dro as in Spanish.
3/13/99 - A group called HarborVote is doing a study, looking into a split of Harbor City, San Pedro, and Wilmington away from the City of Los Angeles to form their own city. They don't have a web site, but their email is
6/4/99 - This week some paper reported they registered 25% of the local voters and filed some important papers which allows then to have an election in a few years. I forgot the details. The June 11, 1999 Random Lengths suggests they might have enough valid signatures it enter the next phase which will be done by the Harbor Study Foundation, Inc.
Misc.links: (open to almost anything of interest in the South Bay

*The South Bay Mug - Macintash - If you have a site, put it on your newsletter!! Meetings last Wed of month. 310-644-3315. Newsletter editor
* . . South Bay Swing Dance Club. 11/4/00 . . South Bay Pavilion at Carson (was called Carson Mall). . . South Bay Chamber Music Society Musicians' Marketplace, schedule, free stuff. . . The Greater South Bay PC User Group doesn't know a / from a \. . . PV Art Center. . . Los Angeles Free-Net, some parts under construction, but check it out. . . Palos Verdes Art Center. . . King Harbor Yacht Club. The last inside page of Easy Reader picks a local site each week. . . XTRA wants the NFL in L.A. . . Genealogical Society, South Bay Cities . . Hermosa . . free stuff, not much. . . in Long Beach, but what the heck. Slow site? . old ship
-Antique Street Faire - Second Sunday of the month, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., free, entertainment, try Sartori Ave. south of Torrance Blvd. in Torrance. . . professional "swap meet", don't like it, free coupons in papers. . South Bay Galleria (shopping mall) Was a good kitchen store on the top floor. . . Alpine Village: three restaurants, market, shops, batting cages, swap meet, dance lessons, Oktoberfest, etc.

Swap Meet, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., second and third Sunday of each month, VFW, 1822 W. 162nd St. (corner of Western Ave.), Gardena, 310-324-6161. Per LAT. No charge to get in. Go early, many vendors leave early. Check Goodwill almost across the street.

10/6/99 - Update - Houston gets the next NFL team cause they paid the most. Good luck to them. L.A. was in the lead till about 7/99, but the price was too high.

3/17/99 - Looks like the next NFL football team will move into the L.A. area, but I don't think Carson is the right place. Please correct me, but I don't think any city has made money from a sports team; in fact they lose money. Carson is too small a city to lose any money. What happens when the team moves, as is sure to happen? Also, the city is too small to support two malls and, with no restaurants or other attractions and only a few hotels, I can't see how the city could make any money with a team. And, what a mess the extra traffic would create. What about crime? Can anyone suggest other problems with the plan; how long is your arm? Sounds like a dream that's sure to turn into financial and other nightmares.

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