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TV - Ethnic Shows.. I've received a few hits from people looking for ethnic media in Los Angeles. I'll start with TV since I only need to provide a few clues, and vistors can find shows using one of the TV listings like A few tips concernings the listings are given at the very end. Remember I only cover the broadcast stations, not cable or satellite, and I can't even receive/verify all the broadcast stations in the L.A. area. (12/1/99)

Basically I'll provide key words that will help you find ethnic programs. I got these key words from the 11/21-11/27/99 "L.A. Times" "TV Times" magazine, all 38 pages of listings. Most of the ethnic programs are on channels 18, 22, 24, 28, 34, 50, 52, 56, 57, 58, 62, etc. This was the Thanksgiving Day week, so other weeks could produce different results.

My first search on was for "Chinese or Japanese or Korean or Mandarin or Cantonese." This search found several Korean shows, a few Chinese, but not even one Japanese show.

Spanish. By far, Spanish dominates L.A.'s ethnic TV. Several stations exclusively or partially broadcast in Spanish such as channels 22, 34, 52, and 57 with perhaps other shows on 18, 24, 28, 50, 56, 58, and 62. Even the VHF stations (channels 2-13) may broadcast something on Spanish culture like "Vista L.A." I won't even try to detail this group. Associated key words may be "Latin or Latino or Mexico or Mexican or Spanish."

Japanese. Japanese shows may be the second largest group. Try key words like "AHC or Asahi or FCI or Hey! or Japan or Japanese or Kankei or Kankel or Kempo or Kuishinbo or Genroku Royoran or Panda or Ryori." Most shows would be on channel 18 with some on 56, 58, etc.

Korean. Try a search for "KBS or Korea or Korean or KTE or Seoul."

Chinese. Try "Cantonese or China or Chinese or Mandarin or Taiwan or Tea."

Other Ethnic Groups. Try "Arab or Armenian or Asia or Asian or Cambodian or English or European or Farsi or French or Iran or Iranian or Israel or Italiano or Pakistan or Vietnam."

Other key words could include "Chosun or Comedy or Chibimaruko or Harvest or Hashiranka or International or Jaam-E-Jam or Namaste or News or Ngan or NNN or Pourang's or Saksi or Sima Azodi or Tanin or World." I'm sure "Comedy, News, and World" will yield unassociated results.

TV Listing Tips. Try or See the TV Guides page for some tips. A typical zip code for the South Bay (Torrance) is 90501. More as time allows.

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