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TV Guides & Schedules. Check TV guides for newest schedule information. A typical zip code for the L.A. (South Bay/Torrance) area is 90501.

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Show Web Sites - Try for info and site links for many old and new shows.

TV Station Web Sites for stations available in the South Bay.

Channel   2 KCBS (CBS)
Channel   4 KNBC (NBC)
Channel   5 KTLA (WB)
Channel   7 KABC (ABC)
Channel   9 KCAL
Channel 11 KTTV (FOX)
Channel 13 KCOP (UPN)
Channel 18 KSCI Schedule/languages Do they stream? Oriental & more. New
Channel 22 KWHY - looking - Spanish
Channel 24 KVCR (PBS)
Channel 26 - looking
Channel 28 KCET (PBS)
Channel 30 KPXN
Channel 34 KMEX ??
Channel 38 KPAL - looking
Channel 40 KTBN doesn't work??
Channel 44 - looking
Channel 46 KHSC - looking
Channel 48 - looking
Channel 50 KOCE (PBS)
Channel 51 - looking
Channel 52 KVEA
Channel 56 KDOC - looking
Channel 58 KLCS (PBS) or
Channel 62 KRCA - looking
L.A. Yahoo at

Other Guides, Smart TV, doesn't work -This was a new magazine and source for the guides below. I have not check them.

Electronic TV Host-guide
The GIST-guide
Prime Time-guide ???
Ultimate TV Now-guide
TV Week Interactive-guide
GIST-guide, looks like The GIST above
Total TV-guide
TV Host
UltimateTV...not like above??
Star Sight Telecast
Smart Guide

TV: Flashes | Guides | Tips | Reviews | Women | Cooking | Ethnic | MENU